Science Week

30th April 2019
Science Week 2019

This year, all children took part in a school wide Science week, with the theme of ‘Rainforest Ramblers. As part of their whole school Science week, the children took part in an informative virtual reality workshop based on the Rainforest Habitat.  The virtual reality workshop used the Google Expeditions Programme. Children in Year 3 – 6 explored 360° photo spheres using google virtual reality headsets.  Children in Year 1 and 2 used iPads to explore 360° photo spheres.

During the workshop, pupils followed in the footsteps of David Attenborough and Jane Goodall by exploring the depths of the rainforest floor. They encountered a range of animals and insects including deadly reticulated pythons, green praying mantis and rhinoceros beetles and learnt how they have adapted to their environments. The children were then transported to the highest layer of the rainforest to see a pristine, emerald canopy in all its glory.  Finally, they were taken through time to the present day rainforest to see the effects of slash and burn deforestation and housing developments. This immersive visit to Borneo allowed pupils to meet its animal inhabitants face to face.

Following the workshop, children completed learning and activities within their classroom based on the Rainforest, including looking at what animals live within the rainforest and why it is an important habitat, plant and animal adaptations, the difference between temperate forests and rainforests and the use of palm oil within products and how this affects rainforests around the world.