Before and After School Care

At Manor Park Primary we try to help working parents by providing space for two independent on-site companies to use for after school care for children who attend our school.

We currently let the premises to two after school providers ‘Jancett Playsafe’ and ‘Come and Play’. These are separate providers and are accredited by Ofsted for standards.

Although we do not endorse them, as we do not have the capacity to monitor their practice or procedures, we have carried out checks on both providers through references from other schools which use them and we have visited to ensure that the practices were suitable. We also ensured that they are Ofsted registered and have appropriate safeguarding policies in place.

‘Jancett Playsafe’ currently has received a good at Ofsted inspection. ‘Come and Play’ are a new company.

If you would like to register your child with either provider please contact them direct as follows:

Jancett Nurseries - Telephone 020 8669 1725 - clubs held in the downstairs hall.

Come and Play Childcare Ltd - Telephone 07867 422266 - clubs held in the Children's Centre

Complaints regarding either provider should be sent direct to them as your agreement is with them.


Jancett Playsafe are recruiting at breakfast club (7.15 – 9.00) and after school club (2.30 – 6.30), Cheam, Wallington and Sutton areas.

If you or someone you know is interested in working with children aged 4- 11 years and want to find out more about career opportunities and training with Jancett Playsafe please email or telephone 020 8669 1725.