Year 3 P4C

3rd December 2019

Year 3 P4C – Who does Graffiti affect?

Year 3 have disused whether they believe graffiti is art or vandalism and now they have thought about who graffiti affects. During a P4C session, the children looked at a range of people in the community who is affected by graffiti. They then had a discussion in their small groups to decide who is the most affected by graffiti and their reasons why they believe this. The children realised that everyone has different opinions and listened to each other.

Here are some of the children’s opinions:

Tobias: “Seeing graffiti in the park is sad for the children as they may see rude words, so I think children are the most affected by graffiti.”

William: “I believe drivers are the most affected by graffiti because they will not be able to see the road signs if they are covered in graffiti and this could be very dangerous not to stick to the speed limit.”