National School Sports Week

26th June 2019

Athlete Visit – National School Sports Week 2019

On Wednesday 26th June 2019, Manor Park was lucky enough to be visited by 3 Great Britain Athletes. 100m sprinter Aidan Syers, long jumper Amy Harris and 100m paralympic athlete James Arnott completed sessions with the children and gave an inspirational assembly. The children learnt some sprinting techniques, how to work together in a team and the importance of determination and never giving up on your goals. A wonderful day was had by all.

Children’s Quotes

Year 6

"It was a great experience to improve on my running technique. We worked on fun drills that focused on rhythm and speed. They were very inspiring and it was amazing to meet the athletes.” Rahma


"I had a great experience with the atheltes. They were teaching us different techniques to help our running and were a positive role model." Rayhanna

Year 5

“I enjoyed when the athletes taught us different running techniques during our warm up. It was interesting to see how I could improve my speed and staring position to help. The athletes were really fun to talk to and they answered all my questions about the Olympics and running.” Elijah


“The warm up session was my favourite part of the day because it was fun and we learnt about different ways we could warm up our bodies before running. I found it very interesting that each athlete said he warms up for around 40 minutes each day. I enjoyed hearing about James’ story and how he overcame the problems with his arm to win at the Paralympics and his resilience.” Nafissa


Year 4

"I loved having the athletes here. Their session was fun and I learnt a lot!" Esme


Year 3

"It was epic having professional athletes coming into school and they made us dream of doing big things.” Jade class


Year 2

"That was so much fun. I liked learning how to jump over the hurdles like an athlete." Year 2 quote


‘I enjoyed trying new things like doing the hurdles and jumps to the side on a tricky course’ Eliza


‘I liked having the athlete visit because it was fun and the warm-up was fun’ Harrison


 Year 1

“I enjoyed when we jumped over the hurdles with Amy”. Izfaa


“I enjoyed doing lots of different exercise like star jumps and learning about the importance of being active”. Maddie