World Book Day 2019

1st March 2019

World Book Day

Thursday 7th March 2019 was World Book Day! This year, across the LEO Academy Trust, our theme was ‘Take One Book…’ where pupils spent the day exploring a single text and expressing their understanding of ideas, themes and characters in a cross curricular way. Pupils and staff came to school dressed as their favourite book characters; some pupils even brought to school a copy of their favourite story to share with their class. Throughout the day, staff and pupils were encouraged to take the time to 'Drop Everything and Read' and teachers swapped classes to share their favourite stories with pupils in a different year group. 

Pupils in Early Years and Key Stage 1 read the story ‘In my Heart’ by Jo Witek; a picture book that explores the feelings and emotions of a young girl. Throughout the day pupils discussed how and why we may feel a certain way and thought about how characters in different stories may be feeling, based on what they were saying and doing. In art they used different mediums to create images of a heart and practised their cutting skills to create a layered heart image.

Pupils in Key Stage 2 read the story ‘On a Beam of Light’ by Jennifer Berne; a picture book that follows the life of Albert Einstein who, despite how different he was from others, didn't let anything deter him from continuing to wonder and question the world around him and to achieve his dreams. Pupils completed many activities throughout the day including circle times focusing on resilience and perseverance; science sessions, where they learned about magnetism and even created an atom; and art where they used pointillism based on Albert Einstein's theory that everything is created from lots of teeny-tiny little bits called atoms!

All pupils took part in a poetry writing competition, choosing a poetic form to write about a feeling or about what makes them special. Winners received a £5 book token to buy a book of their choice.