Year 1 - Engage

1st April 2019

Dinosaur Planet - Engage 23rd April 2019

Year 1’s new topic is ‘Dinosaur Planet’. On Tuesday, they came into school to find that the classrooms were very messy so they decided to investigate - they found dinosaur prints! The children then decided to look around the rest of the school to see if the dinosaur visitors had left anything else behind. Year 1 found different shaped bones and some dinosaur eggs hiding in the playground. How exciting it was!

The children learnt about the different types of fossils and had a go at making their own delicious fossil biscuits. They really enjoyed using paper plates to make their own dinosaurs. One of their favourite activities was learning the names of different dinosaurs and what they ate. Year 1 then got a chance to show of their amazing sketching skills by drawing their favourite dinosaur. What an exciting week they had!