Year 4 Engage

23rd April 2019
Year 4 Engage- 'Burps, Bottoms and Bile!'
During engage week, Year 4 learnt all about the digestive system in their topic, ‘Burps, Bottoms and Bile!’

The children learnt all the names for the parts of the body that make up the digestive system and then created the various parts out of playdoh. They then used iPads to research the functions of the digestive system and created posters. The children also took a journey on Google Expeditions and got to see inside the digestive system.

During engage, Year 4 also learnt about the teeth, the very start of our digestive system! They made a leaflet giving the names and explaining the functions of the different types of teeth in the mouth. The children looked closely at a cross section of an individual tooth and sketched it using chalk.

The children though carefully about how to look after their teeth and their bodies, considering what a healthy balanced meal would look like.

The children finished off the week by summarising everything they had learnt in a digestive system rap. They wrote and performed these in small groups to the class.