Year 4 Engage

4th September 2019
Year 4 Engage- Traders and Raiders 

During engage, the children had a great time exploring their new topic ‘Traders and Raiders’. As part of the week, they explored how Vikings and Saxons loved to fight. They discussed the different materials that shields would have been made of, the patterns they would have used and the size and shape they would have been. The children designed and made their own shields.

As well as shields, the children also had the opportunity to make brooches out of clay and find out how archaeologists discover facts about the past.

Vikings sailed to Britain on longboats and the children became scientists to make their own Viking longboat out of junk modelling. They then tested their boats out on water to see if they would have made it to Britain. Overall, it was a great start to the topic and the children can’t wait to find out more from that period of time.