Year 4 Express and Share Assembly

9th October 2019

Year 4 Express and Share Assembly- Traders and Raiders

On Wednesday 9 th October, the children in Opal, Onyx and Turquoise class had the opportunity to showcase all of the learning that they have been completing in their topic of Traders and Raiders. The children showed off their performing skills, with some children playing Kings and others playing Viking Gods. The children also learnt a song called “Viking Rock”, which they performed to the in the assembly. After the assembly, the classrooms were transformed into a trade fair, where the parents and carers were invited to look around at the children’s Viking rune invitations, brooches, long ships, letters, stories and shields. The children enjoyed having the opportunity to display their work from this topic, and tell the grown-ups all of the new information they had learnt about the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons.