Year 4 Juniper Hall Visit

5th March 2019
Year 4 Juniper Hall Residential Trip 

Year 4 had a fantastic time on their first school residential trip to Juniper Hall and took part in a wide range of activities.

The children went pond dipping and used a key to identify the invertebrate they found using criteria such as the amount of legs or type of body.  They managed to find invertebrates such as water shrimp, water slaters and dragonfly larvae. Once collected, the children then investigated these creatures under the microscope and sketched their observations.  

The children also had to hike up part of box hill, and once at the end of their walk, they had a go at building a shelter that would keep them dry and safe if a storm came. Working together, they had to decide the most effective way to create a structure strong enough to keep them sheltered. The shelters were then tested to see if they would survive the wet weather.

In the evening, all of the children came together to sit round the campfire. They listened stories and sang songs before enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate before bed!

Before the campfire, the children set and buried their own small mammal traps in a hidden place. The next morning, after making their own lunches, the children checked the boxes to see if any mice or small mammals had wandered in during the night. The children got to see a field mouse up close before it was released back into the woods.

During the visit, the children developed their teamwork and communication skills whilst taking part in engaging learning activities outside of the classroom. Their behaviour was excellent: they listened well and followed instructions carefully from the adults.