Year 5 and 6 virtual reality anti-bullying workshop, Mutual Respect.

21st November 2018
Year 5 and 6 Virtual reality anti-bullying workshop 

On Thursday 22nd November, children in Year 5 and 6 took part in a virtual reality anti-bullying workshop, Mutual Respect.

This virtual reality workshop allowed the children to witness, dissect and negotiate a typical scenario of bullying behaviour to help identify and decrease bullying behaviour. In the workshop, the children viewed a scene where a group of young teenagers acted out an incident of bullying.  The scene demonstrated a variety of ways in which a group dynamic - particularly the balance of power within a group - can impact upon bullying behaviour, for the perpetrators, the target and the bystanders. After an initial discussion about what they had seen, the children watched the scene again before taking part in further  discussion. They had the opportunity to “interview” the characters to find out more about their perception of the incident and the other people involved. 

Developed with experts from Bullying Intervention Group, the workshop created a safe environment to explore the backgrounds and motivations of each character. The resulting discussion explored issues such as factors that may lead to bullying behaviour, how support can be given to the targets of bullying, encouraging better choices, why young people are reluctant to report bullying and what can be done to help.