Year 5 Bikeability

8th July 2019
Year 5 Bikeability- Monday 8th-Friday 12th July 2019

Throughout the week, 20 children from year 5 took part in Bikeability training, where they had the opportunity to take part in the course taught by trained instructors to achieve their level 2 cycle training certificate. The children were taught the highway code in more detail and they learned the rules of cycling on the road including signalling and correct positioning. The children found riding on residential roads in the local area very enjoyable and they commented on how much fun it was. They explained how they had to focus to remember all the rules in order to be safe and that cycling was very tiring but rewarding. By the end of the week, the children felt more confident when riding along the roads and showed how much they had learned during the short test on Friday. Many of the children successfully achieved their level 2 badge and certificate and they look forward to continuing with their cycle training in the future.