Year 5 Engage

4th September 2019
Year 5 Engage - Beast Creator

The children have thoroughly enjoyed their first engage of Year 5 starting their new topic, ‘Beast Creator.’ During this week, the children went on a nature walk around school to collect resources to make nature inspired artworks. They used the ipads to learn about and create an insect factfile ensuring they included all their key features. The children noticed that lots of insects are symmetrical, so they practised their sketching skills by drawing the other half of an insect making sure they paid attention to the finer details. They also made detailed sketches of their own hybrid insect (2 or more insects combined) and used watercolours to paint their habitat. The children recapped the lifecycle of different mini-beasts and learnt some new vocabulary; they then recreated these using paper plates and pasta. The children had a great start to developing their learning about mini-beasts.