Year 5 Tudor Workshop

15th January 2019
Tudor Workshop

Year 5 took part in a workshop all about Henry VIII’s reign to the throne, linking to our learning and topic this term ‘Off With Her Head’. They learnt all about the Battle of Bosworth, Queen Elizabeth, Henry’s six wives and William Shakespeare’s famous Globe theatre. As part of the workshop, the children took part in an interactive production in which the workshop facilitators acted out and asked small groups of children to take part. During the production the actors stopped each scene to ask and answer questions about the Tudor period. As part of the learning in the workshop the children also drew a family tree to represent the Tudors.

After the workshop, in class, Year 5 took part in a Drama lesson where they came up with their own freeze frames to represent a scene from the Globe theatre. They demonstrated the actors, the poorer people standing at the front of the stage and the wealthier people in the seating area.