Year 6- Korfball

6th November 2019
Year 6- Korfball

Year 6 took part in an Intra class tournament. Children from both classes joined together to compete against another team to work on their sending and receiving skills. Children had the opportunity to take part in a game of ‘Korfball’ which is an exciting and dynamic game where the children developed their team-work skills and problem solving. The children needed to work hard to defend their goals to prevent the other team from scoring. They also worked hard to position themselves strategically to ensure they could catch the ball from their teammate and attempt to score.

Skill 1

The children used their defending skills to try and stop their opponent catching the ball.

Skill 2

The children used their throwing skills to pass the ball to their teammate and try to score.

Skill 3

The children used their throwing skills to throw tactically to other children on their team.