Year 6- Samba

2nd December 2019

Year 6 Samba Rhythms

This term, children in Year 6 have been learning to play samba rhythms. During their lessons, the children learnt how to play different rhythms on a range of instruments in Brazilian Samba including: Tamborims, Agogo Bells, Surdo Drums, Ganzas and Repinique Drums. The children had to respond to calls made by the Samba leader, Donal, using a whistle. The children learnt how to hold and play these instruments effectively as one whole group to form their own Samba Band. They learnt how to use words to help them remember different rhythms and combined all of them to create a fantastic sound. At the end of term, Year 6 welcomed their parents and carers into school to perform and showcase their wonderful learning, a performance thoroughly enjoyed by all involved.