Year 6 Kingswood - Day 1

13th October 2019
Year 6 Kingswood Residential - Day 1
The children have had a fantastic start to their trip. Once they had settled into their dormitories, unpacked and made their beds, the children took part in their first activities of the stay. Some children began by completing the team challenge. During this activity they had to work in teams to complete a variety of obstacles. They learnt that communication and cooperation were key parts of effective team work. Some children began their stay by abseiling down the 10m tower. They had to put their trust in the ropes and challenged themselves to walk down the wall backwards. Some even managed a few small jumps too! During the evening, the children competed in their activity groups in scrapheap challenge. In order to protect their water balloon from the throw, toss and kick test, the children had to complete a series of tests to win materials to protect their precious balloon. All of the children worked well together and developed their ability to communicate their ideas and listen to the ideas of others. Unfortunately, none of the balloons survived the tests. They children enjoyed their first afternoon and evening and are looking forward to their first full day tomorrow.  More pictures will be added to the school website upon our return.