Year 6 Kingswood Residential 2018

14th October 2018
Year 6 have returned to school after a fantastic residential trip to Kingswood, Staffordshire.  All of the children had a wonderful time and it was brilliant seeing them developing key skills such as independence, communication and collaboration.
During the trip, the children took part in an array of activities and impressed all staff with their ability to work as a team, as well as challenging themselves in new experiences.
Over the course of the trip, the children were a credit to the school with positive attitudes and behaviour throughout.  Ms Scrase visited and was very impressed with the children’s co-operative skills, their positive approach to problem solving and their dedication to overcoming challenges.  

Children enjoyed the following activities during the visit:


In this challenge by choice activity, the children climbed the stairs to the top of the abseiling tower. One by one, they were helped into a harness by the instructors and when they were ready they slowly stepped back over the edge and climbed down the tower.


This exhausting game was great for fitness and skill development, with the children needing to develop tactical thinking and good group communication skills to achieve the winning result.


This activity was a great opportunity for the children to develop dexterity, control and precision. They used bows and arrows to carefully aim at the targets to score points and complete challenges.

Buggy Building

Children worked in groups to design, build and drive a working buggy capable of transporting their team across a set course.

Bush craft and Fire lighting

By working together in teams, Bushcraft taught important life skills such as resilience, communication, problem solving, creativity and overcoming personal challenges.


Navigating the caving system encouraged pupils to tackle new experiences and gave them confidence to adapt to unfamiliar conditions. This activity placed emphasis on communication skills and required pupils to work with others in a buddy system in order to succeed.


Using the outdoor climbing wall, children were provided with the ideal opportunity to develop co-ordination, stamina and determination, whilst they learnt basic climbing skills and techniques.

Crate stack

During this activity, children worked together in teams to get their group as high as possible by adding crates to the stack without it collapsing. This required good team work and communication as well as thoughtful risk taking.


Dressed in full protective clothing, the children learnt the basic principles of attack and defence, including the en-garde stance and the lunge. Once they had mastered the basics, they went on to combine these tactics and compile their strategy, competing against other members of their group.

Jacob’s Ladder

The children had to navigate their way up a giant high ropes ladder. They had to communicate with each other, discuss their options, weigh them up and decide on the best course of action.


Children had to navigate their way through a series of obstacles and mazes as a group, relying heavily on the trust and the support of each other.

Obstacle Challenge

During this activity children built on their abilities to work together, communicate effectively with each other and build trust amongst themselves.


activity fostered group spirit and bonding, as the children cheered each other to overcome their nerves and go whizzing down the wire.

Evening activities were enjoyed as a whole group and took place following dinner. This year the children enjoyed Campfire, Movie night and a Disco.