Year 6 Sports Leaders Training

5th October 2018
On Friday 5th October 2018, 15 Year 6 children took part in sports leaders training.  The children learned about some important skills such as listening, being organised, being thoughtful and being creative, in order to become Manor Park Sports Organising Crew.  
Throughout the morning, they were able to practise their skills with year 2, with all of the children thoroughly enjoying the session.  
Some jobs that the children can now carry out include: 
  • Assist with Sports Days 
  • Organise lunchtime activities and games with younger age groups 
  • Update School Games Board (PE notice board) with photos, club information, fixture information, match reports, etc.  
  • Canvas opinions around the school
Quotes from a Year 6 child: 
"I really enjoyed the training because we got to work with year 2 children and play some fun games with them.  I learnt how to be a good sports leader and lead a small group in PE.  I am now confident to co-operate with others in lessons."  Oliwia P
Quotes from Year 2 children:  
" I enjoyed leaning new exercises and games." 
" I liked learning from older children."