Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Strategy 2019-2020

Pupil Premium Strategy 2018-2019


Targets for 2020-2021


Target date

Increase attendance rates for PP children

May 2021

Increase parental engagement 

May 2021

All children eligible for PP with SEN/D will make expected progress in Reading, Writing and Maths. 

May 2021

All children eligible for PP with EAL will make expected progress in Reading, Writing and Maths.

May 2021

More structured interventions: Introduce weekly speech and language interventions for PP children with poor speech/communication skills 

January 2021

Provide a wide variety of enrichment opportunities

May 2021

To continue to provide effective nurture support

January 2021


In 2018/19 each school received £1,300 for every primary-aged pupil registered as eligible for free school meals at any point in the last 6 years. The school received £2,300 for every looked after child.

Pupil premium is additional funding allocated to all schools in England to support disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers. This budget includes pupils who are currently entitled to free school meals, have been free schools meals in the past six years (FSM ‘Ever 6’), children that are cared for or adopted from care and children whose parents are in the armed forces. It is entirely up to individual schools to decide how the money is spent.

LAC/Post LAC/ Adopted pupils funding

The designated teacher for LAC and for Post LAC children is the Inclusion Leader, Ms  Thomas.

At Manor Park we are committed to supporting all LAC/Post LAC and adopted children or those with special guardianship in order to help them thrive and develop to their full potential.

We do this through the following:

  • Training as appropriate e.g  attachment

  • Family Development Leader available on request for 1:1 sessions with parents/carers to focus on any difficulties at home, to support family and provide emotional support for adult.

  • Raising awareness of specific issues e.g adoption through assemblies and class work.

  • Inclusion Leader meeting with class teachers to discuss each child and review as needed.

  • Termly monitoring of progress by Senior Leadership Team

  • Designated LAC/POST LAC teacher attending training as necessary to ensure up to date with latest legislation and good practice.

Additionally the designated LAC/POST LAC Leader will consider each case individually to access any support that may help a particular child such as Play Therapy, Nurture, booster groups or after school clubs.

EYFS Pupil Premium

The Early Years Pupil Premium provides an extra 53 pence per hour for three and four year old children whose parents are in receipt of certain benefits or who were formally in local authority care but who left care because they were adopted or were subject to a special guardianship or child arrangements order. The payment to the school is made on a termly basis in arrears.