Teaching Staff

  Name Role
Middleton 2 Mrs Middleton Year 6 Teacher - Sapphire class
Manorpark18 dsc 5713 Miss Millingen Year 6 Teacher - Topaz Class
Manorpark18 dsc 5720 Miss Freischmidt Year 5 Teacher - Pearl class
Nicci brown Miss Brown Year 5 Teacher - Ruby Class
Sabrena issace Miss Issace Year 5 Teacher - Beryl Class
Manorpark18 dsc 5746 Miss Slade Year 4 Teacher - Onyx Class
Kayleigh Mannion Miss Mannion Year 4 Teacher - Opal Class
Lesley young Mrs Young Year 4 Teacher - Turquoise class
Emma harding Miss Harding Year 3 Teacher - Emerald Class
Verdy m Miss Versey Year 3 Teacher - Jade Class
Staff mara Miss Mara Year 3 Teacher - Moonstone Class
Melissa ishmael Mrs Ishmael Year 3 Teacher - Moonstone Class
Amy kestell Mrs Kestell Year 2 Teacher - Coral Class
Charlotte satchell Miss Satchell Year 2 Teacher - Diamond Class
Freya kirby Miss Kirby Year 2 Teacher - Quartz Class
Lisa webb Mrs Webb Year 1 Teacher - Amethyst Class
Chloe evans Miss Evans Year 1 Teacher - Amber Class
Emily newton Miss Newton Year 1 Teacher - Agate Class
Claire campion Ms Campion Nursery Teacher - Gems (Morning) & Jewels (Afternoon)
Heather callaghan Mrs Callaghan Nursery Teacher - Gems (Morning) & Jewels (Afternoon)
Ella furniaux e Miss Furniaux Reception Teacher - Aqua Class
Rachel pywell Mrs Pywell Reception Teacher - Garnet Class
Eloise willett Miss Willett Reception Teacher -Jet Class
Louise james Mrs James PPA Cover
Copy of nadine williamson Miss Williamson Assistant Headteacher and PPA cover
Manorpark18 dsc 5530  Mrs Murray Class Teacher