School Tours for Prospective Parents

We understand that some parents like to visit a number of schools before deciding which school they wish to apply for (last year we had over 550 applications for 90 places). 

Each year we set aside 96 slots for parents to visit the school. We have to ensure that staff are available for these tours and that there is minimal disruption to the children's learning. Places on these tours fill up very quickly and regretfully we are unable to provide more. We have therefore decided to limit places on these tours to those parents of children who are most likely to gain a place under the admissions criteria.

In September 2018 places allocated under the distance criteria were allocated to children who lived within 460 metres of the school. In September 2019 places allocated under the distance criteria were given to children who lived within 448 metres of the school. We have therefore decided that we will only be able to offer a tour date to parents who live within 500 metres of the school unless they meet the other criteria below.

In order to book a place on a parent tour please email the school giving your contact details and the following information:   

  1. Proof of Looked After Child status (if applicable)
  2. Proof of medical/social reasons (if applicable)
  3. Proof of Sibling (if applicable)
  4. Proof of Distance (original council tax bill) 

The school office will email you back to confirm your tour date. Please be aware that you must bring proof of 1),2) or 4) on arrival of the tour or you will be unable to attend.

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