At Manor Park Primary we believe that understanding mathematics is a key life skill which helps us make sense of our world, providing a precise means of communication, using numbers, symbols and shapes.  

Maths y1

It is a powerful universal language, used to explain, predict and represent events and tackle problems in everyday life.

Children at Manor Park Primary School develop their knowledge and understanding of mathematics through practical activity, exploration and discussion during mathematics and whilst studying other subjects.  Each child should be able to think and solve problems mathematically by using the appropriate skills, concepts and knowledge. They should be provided with rich and enjoyable experiences related both to their individual needs and to the wider requirements of society.

From EYFS to Year 5 children are taught Maths using the Singapore Maths methodology.  Singapore Maths is a problem solving approach to Mathematics which helps develop reasoning and problem solving.  Children are not taught rote procedure but rather an understanding using concrete and pictorial representations leading to efficient procedures in Mathematics.

There are 5 key concepts included within the Singapore Maths approach:


Children are able to monitor their own thinking.


Children are able to imagine what they can’t see beginning with the support of concrete and pictorial images, before moving onto bar modelling.


Children are encouraged to generalise their ideas to improve the choice of method.

Number sense:

Children are challenged to have a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, making sense of various mathematical ideas, as well as developing mathematical connections and applications.


Children are able to explain how they solved a calculation and why they have arrived at a particular answer.

Further information outlining the Singapore approach and more details for individual year groups can be found in the ‘How to help your child in Mathematics’ parent booklets available as a link  in the ‘Supporting Learning at Home’ section in each year group. Also please see the links below to the Maths No problem! website and videos.

Watch the Maths No problem! Videos

Visit the Maths No problem! Website



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