Curriculum Enrichment


'There Is Excellent Provision For Pupils’ Spiritual, Moral, Social And Cultural Development. Pupils Have Numerous Opportunities To Develop Their Sporting, Artistic And Musical Talents.'

Ofsted 2015

Enriching the Curriculum 

At Manor Park we enrich the curriculum (beyond the national curriculum and EYFS framework), offering a wide range of extra-curricular activities and enrichment opportunities for all of our pupils. This ensures that every child is able to access the broad and balanced, exciting and engaging curriculum on offer. We believe that school is about so much more than learning how to read and write and we endeavour to provide our pupils with opportunities that they may not have exposure to in everyday life and to realise new passions, strengths and talents. 

Our forward-thinking digital strategy has transformed teaching and learning for pupils across the Trust, helping to improve accessibility, encouraging pupils’ confidence and creativity when using technology and supporting staff to maximise technology in the classroom. At the heart of this strategy is the Google Chromebook 1:1 programme, which ensures each pupil in Key Stage Two is equipped with personal Chromebooks to use in lessons and at home to continue their learning.


Forest School 

At Manor Park, children gain invaluable experiences by exploring the great outdoors. They develop a deep love and appreciation for nature while taking their learning beyond traditional classroom walls. This outdoor setting fosters strong communication skills, encourages teamwork, self-esteem, problem-solving, independence, and cultivates resilience, all of which support in developing their character. 

Trips, workshops and visitors

A wide range of trips, workshops and visitors are planned throughout the year linked to the different learning projects. For example during ‘Magnificent Monarchs’ Year 2 visit Hampton Court Palace, Year 6 visit the British Museum as part of their topic ‘Maafa’ and Year 5 has a specialised workshop to enhance their learning of the Shang Dynasty during their ‘Dynamic Dynasties’ project. 

Workshops also take place linked to the project for half term as are visitors who can inspire the children and provide their learning with a real context. Visits to places of worship are also planned for all year groups to include a range (churches, mosques, temples) where children are able to enhance their learning in lessons and apply and develop their knowledge in a real context.


Express and Share assemblies happen once a year in each year group where the children have an opportunity to share their learning with their parents and carers and also parents are invited into the class afterwards to experience a learning activity with their child.

Lyfta or SEAL based assemblies allow pupils to explore and discuss themes based around the social and emotional aspects of learning as well as the development of essential skills such as diversity, self belief and resilience.

RE visitors assemblies include regular visits from the Church and assemblies to celebrate a wide range of religious festivals including Dvali and Eid. 

Productions and Performances 

  • Christmas Song  & Dance- Nursery/ Reception
  • Spring Song and Dance - Year 1
  • Christmas Nativity- Year 2
  • Christmas Carol Service- Year 3 & Year 5
  • Spring Musical Extravaganza- Year 4
  • End of Year Production- Year 6  

School Council

Opportunities to take part in School Council and contribute to pupil voice within the school, helping to make decisions

Participation in charitable events each year are chosen by the School Council.

Music opportunities and events

Individual guitar and piano tuition is available to all pupils and children in Y4 have an opportunity to take part in the Music festival to showcase their p bone and saxophone learning. Year 6 showcase their drumming skills to their parents in a drumming recital and all children are invited to sing as a whole key stage at the summer fair. In Year 6 the children have an opportunity to see a London Theatre show paid for by FOMP.

Sports opportunities and events

Sports events are attended such as the  borough sports athletics event, netball matches and all children take part in a sports day which is attended by parents. Athletes visit the school (female hurdler most recent) and inspire the children through workshops and charity events. Sutton schools partnership provide coaching for teachers in various year groups.

 Year 6

Residential trips in KS2

Year 4 Juniper Hall

Year 6 Kingswood



A very wide range of before and after school clubs are on offer, most of which are free of charge to our families, these can vary from music and sport to coding, art and reading clubs. Through these clubs, we want our pupils to have opportunities to support their wellbeing, learn new skills, develop self-belief and self-confidence, and have fun!

Whole school events

At Manor Park we have developed a tailored approach to subject enrichment and enhancement of the curriculum. We have a  2 yearly subject cycle where enrichment opportunities are planned for and developed by the subject leaders. For example, last year, the MfL leader planned a french day where the whole school celebrated French through a range of activities suggested by the school council and pupils, which included designing and making their own french crepe. An author visited the school to inspire the children with their own reading and writing and worked with Year 2 and Year 6 to produce some fabulous poetic writing. Black History Month, Anti- bullying week, Internet Safety Day and Book week are celebrated every year.