Golden Rules

The Manor Park 'Golden Rules' are very important and provide the foundation for all behaviour  at school, and we ask you as parents and carers to reinforce these principles at home.  The Golden Rules apply throughout the school to every year group.
  • I will be helpful, polite and kind
  • I will try my best to do my work and not disturb others
  • I will listen carefully when others are talking
  • I will keep my hands, feet and remarks to myself
  • I will be honest and always tell the truth
  • I will line up quietly and walk sensibly and quietly around the school
  • I will look after and respect others property
  • I will share and be friendly to others
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At Manor Park Primary we work in partnership with parents and carers to encourage good behaviour.  We expect children to be responsible, make good choices and show respect for the whole school community.    
'Pupils behaviour is outstanding.  In lessons, pupils are exceptionally keen to learn. They are caring towards each other and treat each other with respect.' 

Ofsted 2015