Reception Physical Development - Autumn 1

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17 October 2021

This term Reception started their PE lessons with Mr Batt. They have been working on an array of different skills which have been taught in a fun and imaginative way to keep them engaged, and to enable them to develop a positive attitude towards physical activity. They have been developing their spatial awareness through imaginative adventures where they have had to move in different ways, and pretend to be different animals, for example; zoo or sea animals. Whilst doing this they have had to make sure they keep their heads up and eyes open so they wouldn't bump into other children, change directions whilst on the move, and make sure they have a space to move into. They have also been practising different types of jumps both statically and on the move, for example, during their space themed P.E lesson, the children learnt how to do forward jumps, star jumps, tuck jumps and rocket jumps. Within each lesson they have been developing their balancing skills which has included; balancing objects on their head, completing static balances on one leg with their arms out, and balancing while on the floor with no hands or feet touching the floor. They have made excellent progress at getting dressed independently for their lessons, and have been trying hard to have a go by themselves first before asking an adult for support