Year 5 - Engage

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3 January 2022

The children have enjoyed learning all about the terrible Tudors in their topic this term, ‘Off With Her Head’. The children entered into a Tudor style classroom at the start of term with all the tables set up in rows. They learnt what a typical Tudor morning in school would be like and took part in lessons such as scripture, maths and literacy. The children recorded their thoughts about Tudor school on a flipgrid. 

Throughout Engage week, Year 5 learnt about how the Tudor Era began by researching the Tudor Rose. They sculpted and painted their own one using clay. They also looked at examples of Tudor families’ coat of arms and used known symbols to design their own shield. 

During the Tudor period, only the rich would have their portraits done, and in such a way that would show off their power and wealth. The children studied the work of Hans Holbein, a Tudor artist known for painting the royals. They imitated his work and sketched their own portraits.