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1 October 2020


Reception has begun there first half term in school. We have been exploring lots of different learning within our topic “Do you want to be friends?” The children have learnt all the school Golden rules and have begun to investigate all of our exciting areas. We have been learning how to make new friends and found out what we think would make a good friend. Over the weeks we have been looking at people who help us such as our adults, teachers, fire firer and the police. We learnt about our families and enjoyed playing a game of ‘guess who the baby photo is?’  We look at similarities and differences between us and friends, and we discuss what we like, dislike, and the qualities that make us unique. We have been listening to lots of familiar stories, such as; ‘The three little pigs’, ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’, and ’lost and found’? We talked about how the wolf was unkind and needed to use his word and how Goldilocks needed to share. We have discussed our different feelings and what we can do to make us happy.