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18 October 2020

Reception has engaged in an array of different maths learning this term. We have enjoyed singing lots of different number songs such as; ‘One two three four five once I caught a fish alive’ and ‘One potato, two potato, three potato four.’ Over the weeks, we have been practising our counting skills by carefully counting objects, saying one number name for each object and checking our answers afterwards. We have also been working on our number recognition, and have enjoyed going on various different number hunts in the garden! We have looked at finding one more, or one less from any given number, and the children enjoyed using resources such as number lines and fans to support them with this. We moved on to learning how to add two groups of objects together, and used physical resources such as counters and gems to support us with this. Reception have explored the names and properties of some different shapes, and enjoyed playing games such as; ‘Guess the shape’. During our final week we have learnt about estimating, and  have thoroughly enjoyed making sensible guesses about how many beans would fit in the giant's hand.