Reception- Maths

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8 November 2020



This half term Reception has been continuing to explore our numbers. We have been looking at finding one more and one less and even began having a go at doing this mentally. We then moved onwards to addition and subtraction. We have learnt different methods to help us add and subtract by using objects to help us work out the answer. We then have had a go at writing our number sentences, using the symbols add, subtract and equals. We have also been learning about Positional language and are able to describe where things are, using the different language; on, under, in, next to, in front, behind and in-between. We finished our maths off by looking at shapes. We can name lots of 2D shapes such as; Square, rectangle, circle, hexagon, pentagon, triangle and octagon. We can tell the difference between the shapes by exploring their properties and counting the edges and vertices. We then looked at 3D shapes and have been exploring their different names. We can identify the different shapes by seeing what 2D shapes made the 3D shapes. We can name a sphere, cylinder, pyramid, cone, cube and cuboid. We played lots of games such as ‘ feely bag’ Where we guessed what shape our friend had.