Reception- Summer 1 Maths

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19 April 2021

Over the term Reception have been enhancing and recapping lots of skills within Maths. We began by exploring capacity, and looked at filling and emptying different containers. We have been learning the new vocabulary, such as; full, empty, nearly full , nearly empty and half full. We really enjoyed scooping with water, and counting how many spoonfuls it would take to make it full. We then moved onto looking at our addition skills.   Reception have been doubling using butterflies and ladybirds and we made sure each side had the same number of spots. We have even been writing out our number sentences using the symbols add and equal! We have got really good at recognising and writing our numbers to 20. Next we moved on to length and compared the different sizes using the vocabulary longest, shortest and middle sized. We enjoyed hunting for worms in different slimes and compared with our friends the size of the worms we found.