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13 January 2023


Autumn 2 



This half-term, Year 2 children have enjoyed a range of mini-projects, as well as the overarching project of ‘Movers and Shakers’. During Engage week, children were immersed into the life of an explorer, looking in particular at details of famous explorers such as Neil Armstrong and Christopher Colombus. We also started a mini-project of ‘Human Survival’ where the children learnt in detail about the spread of germs and how to keep a healthy lifestyle. 



This half-term in PE Year 2 has focussed on their health and fitness. This placed an emphasis on what effect exercise has on our body as well as group and partner work, helping each other to improve and reflect on their progress through each lesson. The children particularly enjoyed performing ball tricks with their partner and challenging themselves to complete trickier skills. In addition to these PE sessions, the children have continued weekly yoga sessions focussing on deep breathing exercises and the importance of keeping active.


Great learning


This half-term Year 2 has been working incredibly hard in their writing sessions, producing a variety of pieces. They particularly enjoyed creating their own rhyming poems about pirates. They practised reading and learning poems before creating a bank of rhyming words to use in their own writing. They worked hard to produce imaginative poems using rhyming words, similes and expanded noun phrases and all enjoyed performing and listening to each other's poems.



Year 2 children have covered many different topics in Maths this half-term. They started by looking at the place value of different numbers and then moved onto looking at calculations, including column addition and subtraction. They have enjoyed the recent focus on times tables where we have focussed on the 2,5 and 10 times tables. We grouped different objects into 2s, 5s and 10s with the children later tasked with creating their own maths problems for their partners to solve. This led to many creative questions for the class to solve.



Year 2 were visited by an explorer and had a workshop about the different continents and oceans in the world to link with their Geography learning. This interactive workshop had the children exploring each continent and learning interesting facts about each one in turn. They focussed on different landmarks, as well as the animals we might see in each continent.